Supreme Court and Advocate Simranjeet Singh Sidhu

Prior to the 1976 amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, cruelty was not a ground for grant of divorce. It was only a ground for judicial separation under Section 10 thereto. However, with the amendment in the year 1976, cruelty was incorporated as a ground for dissolution of the Hindu Marriage. Simultaneously, the words “as to cause a reasonable apprehension in the mind of the petitioner that it would be harmful or injurious to the petitioner to live with the other party” has been deleted. The statute no longer requires that proof. In a matrimonial dispute, the same set of facts may lead to different conclusions because the interpretation would depend upon the context of N.G. Dastane(Dr) .v S. Dastane (1975)2 SCC 326 Manisha Tyagi v Deepak Kumar (2010)4 SCC 339 the parties and the complexion of the case. The Courts are not to search for a standard in life to determine cruelty in a complaint of cruel treatment by one spouse against the other spouse or his/her relatives.

A set of facts stigmatized as cruelty in one case is so in another case. Cruelty may allegedly depend upon the type of life the parties are accustomed to or their economic and social conditions. It may also depend upon their cultural orientation and the human values in which they are imbued. 27. Now it would be sufficient to show that the conduct of one of the spouses is so abnormal and below the accepted norm that the other spouse could not reasonably be expected to put up with it. The conduct is no longer required to be so atrociously abominable which would cause a reasonable apprehension that it would be harmful or injurious to continue the cohabitation with the other spouse. Therefore to establish cruelty it is not necessary that physical violence should be used. In its essence desertion means the intentional permanent forsaking and abandonment of one spouse by the other without that other’s consent, and without reasonable cause. It is a total repudiation of the obligations of marriage. In view of what is stated above, I am of the view that the appellant wife has persistently made false and baseless defamatory allegations against the husband regarding illicit relations with other women. She has failed to prove any of her assertions in accordance with law. Her own testimony in this regard is unworthy of reliance, for the reasons already stated.

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There will be no leniency for the murderers of Ghazala Khan. The Danish Supreme Court has upheld the verdicts — and then some — on her murderers. Ghazala Khan, as we reported last summer, was the victim of an “honor killing” in the Danish town of Slagelse. In a landmark legal decision, most of her extended family was convicted of murdering her, in addition to the young man who pulled the trigger. The Danish supreme court did not hand out any reductions for those nine persons sentenced to long terms in prison for murdering 18-year old Ghazala Khan. All verdicts were upheld, as were the two deportations. Furthermore, one of those convicted during the High Court trial, although not sentenced to deportation, will now be deported. The verdict stands: 57-year old Ghulam Abbas, who orchestrated the killing, will stay in prison for life. Ghazala’s brother, 30-year old Akhtar Abbas, will remain for 16 years in prison, as will Ghazala’s uncle, 46-year old Walayat Khan and another uncle, 42-year old Asghar Ali. Perveen Khan, 40, mother of four and Ghazala’s aunt, will spend 14 years in prison followed by deportation from Denmark. Asghar Ali, 31, Ghazala’s cousin, will get the same punishment, while Ansger Iqbal, 45, a friend of Ghazala’s uncle, will remain 10 years in prison. 36 year old Ghulam Ahmed, a friend of Ghazala’s brother, will stay in prison for 10 years, and the Supreme Court adhered to the prosecutor’s request for deportation. He avoided that during the High Court trial. ] in his car was sentenced to 8 years in jail. And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me. I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me. I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

Unclaimed Money can be claimed from owners who might be deceased relatives. According to unclaimed money laws and a recent statement from the U.S. Supreme Court (Texas vs. ’s last known address. If the address cannot be found, then it is returned to the state in which the business holding the funds is incorporated. At this stage, it is the responsibility of the unclaimed property office to find the rightful owners. The reassuring part of this process is that the unclaimed money for a dead relative can be claimed without any fear of the time limit; there is no time limit on claiming your property. If you are on a mission to claim unclaimed money or any unclaimed money owed to your relative, then the following checklist might be a great way to kick-off the campaign. The credit goes to the Social Security Administration which keeps tracks of all the personal and professional details of a person from life to death. This information helps the authorities in charge of the unclaimed funds, as they have the accurate data in front of them which they can utilize to cross-check the information that you have provided for your relative.

The government at both the federal and state levels is determined to return the unclaimed funds to the rightful owners, and they are leaving no stone unturned to locate the actual owners of these unclaimed assets. If you are trying to find unclaimed property, now is the best time to do that. It has to be understood that the unclaimed assets are in safe hands and can be claimed at any point of time. As compared to the earlier years, both federal and state governments have simplified the claim process to a great extent. So, if you are looking for unclaimed money for which you are the rightful heir/owner, it makes practical sense to take all the help from the government machinery. At the present moment, every media avenue is being tapped by the state and federal agencies, and they have shown the proactive stance towards providing all the logistical and information-based help to the claimants. If somebody is looking for a heir unclaimed money or relative unclaimed money, then the best process is prescribed by the state unclaimed money websites. Claiming unclaimed inheritance money can prove successful for most.

This is how it all ends for 45; with a bang and then a whimper. Some international crisis occurs. North Korea shoots a missile that hits a beach in Japan. Or Russia invades a neighbor. Or ISIS blows up a ship in NY Harbor. Or all three occur on a Saturday when Trump is at his singular and solitary best. The President reacts. Then he over-reacts. The rational professionals around him become concerned. They won’t authorize the release of nuclear weapons against North Korea or Iran while the president is sending Tweets attacking Iran, North Korea, Rosie O’Donnell, Warren Beatty, and the National Parks Service. The stock market opens the next day down 4,000 points at the open. Justifiably worried about his mental status, a majority of the Cabinet votes to remove the president under section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment by notifying congress that the President is unable to discharge his duties.

The President retreats with his remaining loyal staff to Mar-A -Lago. He places the Strategic Air Command on Def Com 2. He orders the closing of all Dominoes pizza stores for including secret anti-Trump messages in the small print of the Pizza boxes. He orders the shut-down of all cell-phone service because he tweets that they are being used to listen to his conversations. He tweets disparaging comments about his son Barron’s vice-principal after she won’t change a B to an A on his history exam. He orders the Justice Department to arrest Presidents Obama and Bush 41 (from his hospital bed) for conspiracy to engage in treason. He appoints Rush Limbaugh and Nyn Eng- the assistant night manager of a coffee shop in Trump tower- acting counselors to the president. Eng makes the best cafe lattes. The acting attorney General (Sessions is under his own impeachment proceedings for perjury) files a lawsuit for the president. It quickly goes before a series of “so called judges ” who dismiss his lawsuit.

The case goes to the Supreme Court which rules 8-1 against the President. Thomas dissents, citing Lincoln’s actions during the civil war. He reads his dissent from the bench. The house impeaches the president approving two articles of impeachment. Trump orders congress disbanded via Twitter. The stock market opens the next day only down 450, having lost another 8,000 points over the last week. You can now buy Apple for 11 bucks and Amazon for 15 (down from 850) because Trump has ordered Fed Ex and UPS shut down as a national security risk. Trump orders the arrest of Al Gore for crimes against the environment that he has just been informed about. Putin thanks Trump for ordering the provisions of 28,000 servings of Duck’la Orange delivered from Mar-A-Lago to his troops which are massing on the Turkish boarder. Mexico closes ITS border with the US. So does Canada. Australia requires a six month wait for any US citizen who seeks a visa. The Ayatollah of Iran is interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and urges the American people to support President Trump. Senators Graham and McCain are the prosecutors of the president for the impeachment trial in the Senate.

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are their assistants. Bernie Sanders volunteers for the defense after no other senator else does, but everyone realizes it is just a bit of his cranky-Vermont humor. The producers of Better Call Saul offer legal advice to Trump. And then it is over. Trump is impeached. He gets no votes in the senate. He is at Mar-a Lago so there is no historical shot of him getting on Marine One one last time. No Nixonian final wave of the hand as he flies off into infamy. DC to coordinate actions with the Russian super carrier Ulyanovsk. Pence moves into the White House. The Russians take the Kurdish oil fields while the US government deals with its constitutional crisis. Three North Korean ballistic missiles possibly containing nuclear warheads explode on launch on three consecutive days, the effects of a computer virus program implemented by Obama. South Korea, supported by Japan and the U.N, invades the north, and Pyongyang falls as China stands by and does nothing. Israel successfully bombs the remaining North Korean missile launch sites. And in a final insult, the President of Mexico via twitter offers former President Trump a two week free vacation at a three star hotel in Acapulco two blocks from the beach. It will end this way, absent the hyperbole and imagination of Rumpole. The rational people in Washington will continue the whispers that have already begun. The president is unstable. He has accused via Twitter the former president of the United States- without any reason- of a felony. Soon after he attacks a TV reality host on Twitter.

The attack on public employee pensions continues with the California Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Marin Association of Public Employees et al. Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association et al. The Court of Appeal upheld the Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association’s (“MCERA”) implementation of the Pension Reform Act (A.B. After PEPRA’s enactment, MCERA implemented policies to effectuate these changes. The court found PEPRA’s prospective changes to pension calculations, and MCERA’s implementation of such changes, were constitutional. The court’s ruling abandons over fifty years of California Supreme Court rulings protecting public employee pension rights. In 1955, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling in Allen v. City of Long Beach, which established that any changes to pension benefits that result in a disadvantage to employees must be accompanied by comparable new advantages. In this case, the court did not follow this precedent and claimed the Supreme Court did not intend its use of “must” to to be literal or inflexible. Rather, the court preferred the formulation that a disadvantageous change to pension benefits only “should” be accompanied by a comparable new advantage. In any event, the court determined under the facts of this case, that the employees received a comparable advantage to the reduction in their pension benefits in the form of reduced employee contributions to the retirement system. Since MCERA excluded standby pay, administrative response pay, and call-back pay from pension calculations, it would no longer collect retirement contributions on such pay. This ruling seemingly ignored the fact that, for years, employees contributed to MCERA to fund pension benefits that included such pay.

Almost immediately after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court last month, attention turned to a divisive question: How would his replacement vote on abortion rights cases? But Kavanaugh’s record of public comments and legal decisions on abortion rights is relatively thin. That makes it difficult to say with certainty whether he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that established a constitutional right to abortion. At the same time, some of his statements provide a rough — if necessarily incomplete — sketch of his general views on the issue. Kavanaugh said in his remarks from the East Room of the White House on Monday night. If confirmed, Kavanaugh — who paid tribute to his family in his speech, especially his two daughters — would be one of six men on the nine-justice court. In his confirmation hearing in May 2006, Kavanaugh was asked by Sen. Kavanaugh said, referring to the legal principle of stare decisis. But when Schumer pressed Kavanaugh for his personal opinion of Roe, Kavanaugh did not directly answer, instead saying that the Supreme Court had upheld Roe “repeatedly” and that it would not be “appropriate” to share his own views. In his time on the bench, Kavanaugh has not written or commented on abortion in any great detail. But last October, he took part in a high-profile court fight involving a pregnant undocumented teenager who wanted to obtain an abortion.

The Plenary Power Doctrine is a central, integral feature of the Supreme Court’s immigration jurisprudence (the entire subject of law, the study of law and legal questions) since the late 19th century. The doctrine gives the legislative and executive branches broad authority to regulate immigration. In addition, the doctrine holds that the courts should generally not interfere in immigration cases. The Plenary Power Doctrine gives Congress and the President the power to make policy free from judicial review. It rests on the assumption that anything related to immigration is a question of national sovereignty that is related to a nation’s right to define its own borders. During the Chinese Exclusion Case of 1889, the Plenary Power Doctrine was first articulated. In this instance, the Supreme Court upheld a statute which barred Chinese laborers from entering the United States. It did not subject law in question to any substantive constitutional analysis. This doctrine shields a variety of immigration provisions from constitutional scrutiny. Fortunately, the doctrine has not gone unchallenged. It has been challenged over the years by a variety of people including academics, other judges, and advocates of immigrants’ rights. Despite their efforts, the Supreme Court has not formally rejected the doctrine. In addition to being seen as having plenary powers in the areas of immigration, Congress is generally viewed as having plenary power in the area of commerce and its regulation. While no one has officially recognized limits on Congress’ plenary power concerning immigration, there have been successful challenges to the idea when it concerns commerce. As a result, Congress’ powers over commerce are no longer complete and covering all matters. Due to the complicated nature of immigration laws, it is rarely a good idea for people to attempt to defend their case on their own. Immigrants facing criminal charges are in greatest need of representation.

Every court case or legal process involves a number of documents and a lot of paperwork. All people involved need to draft agreements, check them, sign them, and then file them in court offices. These documents need to follow the guidelines provided by the court otherwise they’re considered invalid and lawyers are forced to file them again. It’s important to follow all of the guidelines provided by the court and ensure there are no errors in the documentation because repeating the process is time-consuming, expensive, and delays the legal process. What is writ for certiorari? The writ of certiorari is a writ issued by a superior court to an inferior court, public authority, or a tribunal. The writ asks the lower bodies to provide arecord of a legal proceeding to the higher court for review. In the US, it’s mostly issued by the Supreme Court to check the lower court’s judgment for any legal error or to review a case where there’s no option for appeal. What kind of supplies do you need?