H. L. Anand

Address: 8, Rajaji Marg, New Delhi

Phone: Not Provided


Practice Areas

  • Bonds Law
  • Qui Tam, False Claims Act
  • Pro Bono Law
  • Job Safety
  • Jones Act
  • Main Practice Areas

  • First Amendment Law
  • Securities Fraud
  • Prisoner’s Rights Law
  • Assault
  • Traffic Ticket Law
  • Securities Fraud

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3 Reviews
  1. Neha Garg says:

    Many many thanks to Mr. H.L. Anand . . . for providing me the best assistance and guidance. Thanks a lot sir for taking my case.

  2. Ishjot Kaur says:

    Mr. Anand dealt with his cases with full commitment, money making is not his motive.. He also helps his client in every possible manner. Hats off to his efforts.